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Handling Your Pet’s Remains – How to Make the Best Choice

As a pet owner, making the painful decision of euthanizing your pet is only made worse when you have to decide what you should do with their body afterwards.
Since this isn’t something that many pet owners think about before the final farewell, often the decision is made hastily, one that many regret later.
Nevertheless, while you may be facing the death of your beloved pet, they truly need a resting place that reflects your love for them.

Here, we discuss three of the most common ceremonies pet owners can opt for.

Three Options Pet Owners Can Choose From

Home Burial

Burying your pet’s remains in your family garden can help in coping with the loss. By burying them close to home, you can also hold a memorial service to celebrate your pet’s life. And in time, you can also plant a grave marker, or a tree in memory of them. However, make sure you have the permission to do so. Many cities do not permit home burials because of health hazards. Also, since you cannot be sure whether the grave you’ve dug is deep enough, it may cause issues for you later on.

Cemetery Burial

Many states have cemeteries that offer burial services exclusively for pets. This option is usually chosen by those who want to have a formal burial, instead of a backyard burial. These cemeteries ensure that your pet’s grave will be undisturbed, no matter where you go. However, pet cemeteries can be very costly, so unless you have enough money to pay for your pet’s euthanization as well as their burial, you may need to choose another option.

Cremation Services

If you want to keep your pet’s remains with you, or if you want to take them someplace they especially loved, you can have their remains cremated. An advantage of opting for cremation services is that this removes any future concerns that you would have had for your pet’s remains.

And if you want to give your pet a special farewell, you can choose an urn from a variety available for their ashes, and scatter them so that they are now symbolically free. Pet cremation Oroville CA services such as Heaven’s Gate PMC  offer respectful services. If you opt for cremation for your pet, hiring us will be the best choice.
Make the right decision when you choose to depart from your pet, and give them a farewell they so richly deserve.