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Understanding Pet Cremation – Why You Should Choose this Service

The grief of losing a pet is acute. But the one thing that is even more upsetting is when you have to take care of their remains without knowing what you should really be doing.
For a long time, the process of dealing with the remains of a deceased pet was usually burying them in the backyard of a family home.
But with newer methods of allowing pet owners to stay close to their companions, many are turning to services such as cremation.

The Workings of Pet Cremation at Heaven’s Gate

There are several options one can choose from when deciding on cremating your pet.At Heaven’s Gate, we specialize in individual/private cremation services so that your pet is treated to the utmost care and respect.  We also offer budget friendly communal cremation services where your pets ashes are not returned, but scattered over a wide area at a local horse ranch in the foothills.

What is Private Pet Cremation?
In private pet cremation, we cremate one body at a time. With the many stories we’ve heard about pet cremation, Heaven’s Gate offers trusted services so that pet owners receive the ashes of their beloved pet. The cremation is carried out in individual cremation chambers which are cleaned after each pet is cremated.

Factors to Consider


Pet crematory is an economical option, especially for those who’ve already spent a great deal of money on taking care of their sick pet. Cremation costs range depending on your choices, so choosing cremation for your pet may allow you to keep the ashes of your pet close without losing a large chunk of money.
As said before, for a long time, pets were usually buried. However, many pet owners have chosen to cremate their pets simply because they prefer to use this method to pay respects of their kindhearted animals.
Instead of burying them, by providing respectful services, pet owners can grieve for their pet in comfort, knowing that they’ve taken the right step and their pet’s remains were taken good care of.

Why Choose Heaven’s Gate?

Heaven’s Gate offers pet cremation with the utmost care and respect. By using proper cremation chambers, we cremate your pet in a caring and professional way.

After the pet has been cremated, the pet owner can choose to place the ashes in a wood veneer urn which is included at no additional cost. Or they may choose an upgraded urn or keepsake from our vast selections. Furthermore, before cremation, we also offer customers to have Pet Paw Prints, which are impressed in concrete and hand-painted with the name of the pet so you can place it in your home.

Heaven’s Gate understands the pain one goes through when faced with the loss of a pet.

By offering budget-friendly pet cremation services, we want to do our part in providing you with comfort, so that you can grieve for your pet and eventually move on, knowing that you have their memories with you, forever.